Tripeaks Halloween


Get some break from regular solitaire games and experience some tangy flavored solitaire fun with us. We brought you an amazing Halloween version of the Tripeaks. In this game, you need to reveal the haunted house of Frankenstein and his Witch bride by clearing the cards. You can only clear those cards which are one lower or one higher than the basic bottom card. Suppose your bottom card is 5 of spades, and then you will be able to clear 4 and 6. Color and pattern of the card does not matter.

The Ace is both high and low. It means that if the bottom card is Ace, then cards of king and 2 both can be cleared from above. In case of a tricky situation, you can use wild card. The concept of it very simple as it can be used on the top of any card and can be played at anytime in the game. The sad part is that, you can only use it once in each level. Hence it is recommended to use the wild card at the end of the round.

Each time you complete a layout, you will move to the next round and begin again. Try to complete as rounds as possible in a row to obtain higher score. You will obtain high scores for long card runs. In addition to that, the faster you play, more time bonus you will get. The game ends if you fail to complete the round. Undo button is also there to go back to the last played move. Due to the game’s great Halloween themed graphics and intuitive sounds, one can say that it is a super addictive solitaire fun. Surely, the artistic factor made this game more appealing. Get yourself in the game to help Frankenstein and his Witch bride to reveal their house in the creepy night.