Spite And Malice


Spite and Malice, also known as Cat and Mouse, is basically a two player card game. The other name of the game is being described in its theme, where we can see a cat holding a mouse by the tip of his tail. The game is all about concentration and skill. Players try to be the first to finish their pile of pay-off cards by playing them to the centre stacks. Once the cards are dealt evenly, both players have to start with an ace and then in ascending order upto the queen. The first one who finishes his cards wins.

It is a turn based game as after placing your card in the centre stack, you have wait for the other player to do the same. If you have do not have any option to play for the centre stack then you can place your card in any of your four discard piles. This will end your turn and you have to wait until the other player makes his move. For every turn you can get a maximum of 5 cards from the deck. If you used all your cards before putting a card on one of your discard piles you get five new cards. Remember that only the top card of discard pile is available for play. Moreover, king acts as a wild card in this game. If you are struck with any card in between the game then you can use the card of king in place of any card. When a king is placed on a centre stack it represents the next higher value than the card it covers.

The concept of this game is simple but challenging and can be played by any age group. You need to keep your cool while making your moves as it is kind of competitive patience game. In Spite and Malice, you will be playing against the built-in computer opponent which will help to boost your concentration level.