Solitaire Forty Thieves


The number “forty” in the title “Solitaire Forty Thieves” refers to the forty cards that are dealt on the table in the beginning of the game. It is the best suitable game for those who rely on their strategy rather than on luck. Many variants in the game make it a bit trickier then the regular solitaire games. Using two standard decks of cards, we begin with dealing 40 cards face up in ten different columns containing four cards each. These cards are spread out vertically in their respective columns so that all cards are visible. You can see eight empty foundations on the top right of the screen. In addition to that, remaining 64 cards are kept face down in a waste pile stock.

The task is to build all the empty foundations up in the suit from ace to king by clearing the cards from the layout. The building of foundation will start with Ace. Only one card can be moved at a time. You can also draw cards from waste pile if you are unable to find any replacement within the columns. You need to plan ahead of the game to stay into the game. Keep low ranking cards available so that you can shift them to the foundation easily. Do not let these low ranking cards remain under the higher one as it will cause blockage. One wrong step can kick you out of the game. So always think of the future result of your move and the cards you need to reveal to proceed in the game. Moreover, an empty column will help you a lot in placing your cards fast.

It is not an easy game and even these tips and lots of practice will not facilitate you to win every game. Hence you will feel glad once you take up the challenge and wins. So spare some time from your schedule and challenge the forty thieves.