Mahjong Solitaire


The aim of Mahjong Solitaire is to clear each layer by matching pairs and clearing them from the grid. This is a solitaire matching game but instead of cards, mahjong tiles are used. There are 144 tiles that are arranged in a specific layout facing up. An exposed tile is a tile that can move left or right without interfering with other tiles. Each exposed pair of the same tiles must be removed from the layout one at a time. This way you can uncover the bottom layers of mahjong tiles and continue playing the game. The game ends either when there are no more tiles or there are no more exposed tiles left. In order to remove the tiles you can only move one pair at a time. There are a total of 72 pairs in a game of MahJong Solitaire. Similar to cards, the tiles have a standard suit, such as; Bamboos, Circles, Dragons, Winds, Seasons, and Flowers.