Garfield Solitaire


Solitaire games have emerged with too much variety of game play and themes in the gaming world. Garfield, the name used in game’s title, is a famous comic character and has a huge fan following among kids. So we tried to mix up this character’s laziness and persona in solitaire world. Keeping laziness factor into mind, we eliminated time bonus from the game. You can take as much time you can to complete the round. Kids will really enjoy it.

This game is Garfield themed version of Klondike solitaire game. It contains a layout of the cards with their faces up in seven columns and four empty foundations. You have to stack the cards together on four different foundations in suit from Ace to king. The first card to be placed in the foundation will be Ace. Try to navigate all the cards, which are on the layout in the empty space by rearranging them. A card can only be placed on another card if it is one digit smaller and have opposite suit color. We consider King as 13, Queen as 12, and Jack as 11 and Ace as 1. In case if you are unable find the needed cards in the layout, pick cards from the waste pile stock which is on the top left corner of the screen.

The working of the game is very easy as you only need the mouse to navigate the cards. Just drag one card to another and complete the round by repeating the same. You can play this game for hours without tiring. You also need not to panic regarding time constraints as there is no buzzer to creep you out. Just relax and make some steady moves with Garfield solitaire in your free time.