Frantic Farm Solitaire


You can find a wide range of classic and modern solitaire games on internet. Frantic farm solitaire comes under modern solitaire games. It is an interesting game with a quite simple logic. Cards from ace to ten will be placed on a board and your objective is to clear that board by making such card combinations which end up with a total of eleven. You have to click on the cards to create combinations of two or more cards that sum up to 11. Suits and color does not matter for making groups which means that any card can be grouped with another, irrespective of their color and pattern.

Time is the key in this game and it plays an important role in deciding your score. If you are not able to find any right combination, the clock will flip cards for you. You need to be really sharp and have quick reflexes to make effective combinations. Think fast and get as many cards in a row as possible without drawing from the deck to get maximum points. The more time left on the clock when you make a valid combination, the higher the score. It means that for every second left on the clock; you will be getting 100 points.

There are no jacks, queens and kings in this game. A joker card will be there to help you out in tricky situations. It should be used wisely as it can only remove one open card from the board. Moreover, you can click on the closed deck to get new cards if you are unable to find any valid combinations in between the game. It is a simple fun game which, one can play in his leisure time without any trouble. Unlike other games, you will never feel exhausted while playing “Frantic farm solitaire”. You should definitely try this game!