Forty Thieves Solitaire


If you love brain teasing solitaire games then Forty Thieves solitaire is perfect for you as it is one of the most difficult solitaire games out there. There are only ten percent chances of your win even if you play all your moves correctly. It will give you the real feel of the card games with a genuine message that every card game has an element of luck in it.

The main objective of this game is to empty the card layout to create 8 foundation piles in ascending order, in their respective suit from Ace to King. This game is played with two decks of cards with very simple rules. In the start of the game, cards are dealt in 10 columns with 4 cards in each column. The game is named after these forty cards. The remaining 64 cards are kept face down in a waste pile and you can use only one card at a time. You can only move a card to another pile if it is in descending order and in the same suit. This results in more complexity in the game making it a fun game to play.

The key here is to empty the columns as earlier as possible, as it will give you the chance to rearrange all cards from one column to another. 500 points will be awarded to you for moving each card to their respective foundations. In case if you are struck in the game and have no options to proceed in the game, click on the waste pile to deal a new card. You can use the waste pile only once in a game. Even after using waste pile, if you are still unable to find a clue then you will have to give up the game. Get into the real action and steal the gold from forty thieves. Are you geared up to conquer these furious thieves!