Chief Eagle Solitaire


The game is basically a fun card game in which the task is to build totem poles, monumental structures carved from large trees. Try to help Chief Eagle by building as many totem poles for his tribe. For this, you need to clear the layout covered with cards by simply clicking on the cards that add up to 13. This game is inspired from popular pyramid solitaire. Card of Kings can be removed on their own as they represent 13 itself. In addition to that, Ace is equal to 1, Jack is equal to 11 and Queen is equal to 12.

In case you are struck in the game then you can utilize the temporary card store to proceed through the game. You have to move any random card on it so that you can find its appropriate combination. This will give you many more playing options. Use it very wisely to overcome the difficult situations during the game. If you are unable to find right pairs within the allotted time then the game will end. If you struggle to see any such pair, you can use the hint button. But remember that it will not always give you the best possible hint.

The mechanics of game is quite easy; only use your mouse to click on the cards which make right combinations. To master the game you need to think two or three steps ahead of the game. This game will help to sharpen your mind and improve your reflexes. Try to complete as many rounds as possible keeping the time factor into consideration. The game comes up with an awesome background of a totem pole with a tribal couple and the theme of arid desert is mesmerizing. If you want quick refreshment from your busy life then you should definitely try playing Chief Eagle Solitaire.