Aztec Pyramid Solitaire


Aztec pyramid solitaire is derived from the famous Pyramid solitaire game. In this your task is to clear all cards from the layout, which are dealt in the shape of a pyramid. This can be done by selecting the pair of cards that add up to 13. The game is slightly different from the original one as here you will be building a pyramid for the Aztec gods by clearing the layout of cards. They have a strong desire for these pyramids, so you need to clear as many as levels possible and get going with the game.

The main challenging factor in this game is time. The faster you complete the round, more points you will get. As the game proceeds, time bonus keeps on decreasing rapidly. Make the combinations of cards very quick and keep judging your moves from time to time. Keep in mind that, the number 13 card will be removed on its own by clicking on it. In case if you are struck in the game and you have no place left to select the correct pair then you can use Holding card space to shift your card. This will give you many other playing options and keep you alive in the game.

Like other solitaire games, mechanics of this game rests only on your mouse. The idea of real artistic background in the game is taken from Mexican region, where the Aztec pyramids were found. The game is quite a fun and it also helps in enhancing your concentration level. Every time you try to play this game, you will keep on improving by challenging your previous best score. You can also compete with your friends and check the skill level of your peer group. So come along to raise great pyramids and let us see that how can you appease the Aztec Gods. Happy gaming!