Ancient Civilizations


Ancient civilizations solitaire is another modified game in the pyramid solitaire series. The concept is same as in pyramid solitaire game. The objective of this game is to combine pairs of cards to a total value of 13 and clear the layout to complete the stage. A king is of 13 points and can be removed from the layout on his own, when you click on it. Queen contains 12 points, Jack 11 points, and Ace 1 point. Rest all of the other cards have same points as their face value. Make quick moves to finish the level as fast as you can. If you get struck in between the game and are not in a position to make any move, then you can use “temporary storage area” within the game. It is used to move cards out of the way so that you can access other ones. This will give you enough options to make the moves. Once you place a card in the temporary storage area then you can only be able to remove it from there if you find a pair of that card.

There is an interesting change made in this game which takes this game to another league from Pyramid solitaire. While playing this game, you can only see two cards at a time which will make this game more challenging. One card will be in a draw pile and other will be in the waste pile. Make the appropriate combinations with those two cards. To make the game playable, there is a provision to reshuffle the whole layout. You can think of reshuffling the layout, if get struck and cannot find any way to proceed in the game. Only two reshuffles are allowed in the game. Have an awesome time discovering the ancient civilizations by using your intellect into action.